by Talal “Trip” Albagdadi


Small Business GrowthWelcome to My Block SEO!  This blog will be dedicated to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategies that benefit small businesses.  In the coming months we will explore the basic elements of SEO and focus on which specific tools as well as practices will yield the greatest return on investment.  My goal is to help small businesses and entrepreneurs get a better grip on the simple things they can do to improve their search engine page rankings and in turn improve their bottom line.  It’s no secret that times are tough and small businesses represent the backbone of our economy.  They need all the help they can get.

Who am I?

My name is Talal Albagdadi, but most people just call me “Trip.”  I have eighteen-years of technology, branding and online marketing experience under my belt.  I’ll be working to define SEO terms and methods common to the industry in plain English.  My focus will be on helping small businesses and entrepreneurs increase their Web traffic through ethical means.   I’ll also be inviting guest bloggers to share their expert insights and opinions.  I welcome your feedback, thoughts and suggestions.

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